Monthly Lectures 2023 - 2024


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
October 7 Observing migrant words: researching the fate of Italian loanwords in Europe and beyond Dr. Matthias Heinz (University of Salzburg, Austria)
November 4 Constructions, Holism, and the Reciprocity of Parts and Wholes Dr. David Wible (National Central University, Taiwan)
December 2 Mapping Linguistic Diversity and Documenting Endangered Languages in New York Dr. Ross Perlin (Co-Director of the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA) )


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
February 3 Temporal organization of gesture and prosody in conversation in Luganda Dr. Margaret Zellers (Kiel University, Germany)
April 27 Mind and Flesh: Connecting Linguistic Knowledge to Neurons Dr. Zohar Eviatar (University of Haifa, Haifa)
May 4 Whole-network approach in study-abroad second language acquisition: How students’ peer interactions affect their progress Dr. Michał B. Paradowski (University of Warsaw, Poland)