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60th Annual Conference of the International Linguistic Association (April 24 - 26, 2015)

Category Date Title Speaker Download
Opening April 24 Welcome Remarks and Tributes to Franklin Horowitz JoAnne Kleifgen (Teachers College, Columbia University) Click
Plenary April 24 Bilingualism: Consequences for Mind and Brain Ellen Bialystok (York University)
introduced by Virginia Valian
Plenary April 24 The Pragmatics and Practice of Language Acquisition Jacob Mey (University of Southern Denmark)
introduced by Roger C. Shank
Invited Panel April 25 WORD Global Roundtable (simulcast with Beijing Normal University) JoAnne Kleifgen & Jonathan Webster (moderators),
Sheila Embleton, M.A.K. Halliday, William Labov, Jacob Mey
Plenary April 25 A Sociolinguistic Approach to Raising Reading Levels William Labov (University of Pennsylvania)
introduced by Gregory R. Guy
Invited Panel April 26 Rethinking the Relationship between Linguistics and Education Nelson Flores, Andrea Leone, Mark Lewis, Betsy Rymes (University of Pennyslvania) Click
Plenary April 26 Does Learning Exist? Ray McDermott (Stanford University)
introduced by Hervé Varenne
We thank Professor Lalitha Vasudevan of Teachers College and her students, Joe Riina-Ferrie, Rachael Stephens, and Cristina Salazar Gallardo for the videography work.

Previous Years

Category Date Title Speaker Download
Lecture November 10, 2012 The Etymology and Early Use of Greek Sophos 'Wise' Galina Bolden (Rutgers University) Click
Lecture October 6, 2012 Bilinguals and Borders: Patrolling Languages and Identities on the US-Mexico Border Ana Celia Zentella (University of California San Diego) Click
Lecture March 24, 2012 Global Education: Hope or Hype? Jochen Fried (Salzburg Global Seminar) Click
Lecture December 10, 2011 Why Are We Losing Bilingual Education Programs in New York City Schools?: Factors in School Administrators' Language Education Policy Decisions Kate Menken (Queens College) Click
Lecture November 12, 2011 Expletives and other Displaced Pronouns in Appalachian English Judy B. Bernstein (William Paterson University) Click
Lecture February 12, 2011 Walls and Whispers: Eavesdropping, Gossip, and Other Liminal Pursuits John L. Locke (Lehman College, City University of New York) Click
Lecture December 11, 2010 The Writers' Sentence: Editing for Grammar and Style Alice Deakins (William Paterson University) Click
Lecture November 13, 2010 Ethnicity and Language Maintenance: Marathi in Thanjavur Kamal K. Sridhar and S.N. Sridhar (Stony Brook University) Click
Lecture October 9, 2010 Construing Laws: Language or Intent? Lawrence M. Solan (Brooklyn Law School, Don Forchelli Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs) Click
Lecture March 13, 2010 Thinking Back on the Deixis Research: What Does it All Mean? Clifford A. Hill (Arthur I. Gates Professor of Language and Education Emeritus, Teachers College, Columbia University) Click
Lecture December 12, 2009 Teaching Pronunciation: Age-Related Considerations Martin R. Gitterman (Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY) Click