Monthly Lectures


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Oct 2 Braj Kachru and the identity of Asian Englishes: English as an Asian Language Dr. Daniel R. Davis (University of Michigan-Dearborn)
Nov 6 Discourse and Mental Health in Argentina: Looking for Reasons for Hope Dr. Juan Eduardo Bonnin (University of San Martín - UNSAM)
Dec 4 Automatic Assistance for Academic Word Usage Dr. Dariush Saberi (City University of Hong Kong)


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Feb 5 Toward an Integrated Framework for Studying the Relationship between Bilingual Language Experience and Cognitive Reserve Dr. Laura Spinu (Kingsborough Community College, CUNY)
Mar 5 TBA Dr. Renée Blake (Linguistics and Social & Cultural Analysis, NYU)
May 7 Proto-Basque and the Single Sibilant Hypothesis: Evidence, reassessment, and implications Dr. Juliette Blevins (CUNY Graduate Center)

Previous Lectures


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Feb 1 Foreign Loanwords and Pronunciation Choices in American English: Place Names and Other Proper Nouns Mary Sepp (CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Mar 7 Too Modern or Not Enough? Asian Figures of Linguistic Modernity Angela Reyes (CUNY Hunter College)


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Feb 2 About the Chaldaeans: August Ludwig von Schlözer and the Discovery of Semitic Charles Haberl
Mar 2 The Impact of Language Planning and Policies on Vitality of Languages: A Case Study of the Pakistani Linguistic Situation Asher John
Apr 6 Indirect Communication Daniel Harris
Oct 5 Cordless or cordfree? What's the difference? Mark Aronoff (Stony Brook University)
Nov 2 White Settler Colonialism, Integration and Language Eve Haque (York University (Toronto) / CUNY Graduate Center)
Dec 7 Integrating the History of Spanish and the History of New York: On the Political Nature of Linguistic Research José del Valle (CUNY Graduate Center)


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Dec 1 Revitalizing endangered languages K. David Harrison (Swarthmore College)
Nov 10 Usage-based Linguistics Meets Pedagogical Grammar Lourdes Ortega (Georgetown University)
Oct 6 Why study linguistics? A subject for today's students Fatima Tariq, Kimberly Martinez, Arianna Chinchilla, and Alessandra Rosen (Hunter College)
May 5 Parish names in the English- and French-speaking Caribbean Professor Sheila Embleton (York University)
Mar 3 The Politics of University Discourse Lubie G. Alatriste (NYC College of Technology, CUNY)
Feb 3 The China English Project Walter Petrovitz and Herbert Pierson (St. John's University)


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Dec 2 An analysis of Victor Hugo's "Les Raisons du Momotombo" and Ruben Dario's "Los motivos del lobo" applying a Hallidayan framework of "field, tenor, mode" Kathleen O'Connor-Bater (SUNY College at Old Westbury)
Nov 4 The Politicization of Linguistic Identity: Two post-Cold War case studies John Frederick Bailyn (Stony Brook University)
Oct 7 Catching up to Saussure with Text Semantics William J. Carrasco (Stella Maris Academy)
Apr 8 The Linguistic and Philological Analysis of Post-apocalyptic "English" Joshua T. Katz (Princeton University)
Mar 11 The language of parole: Sex offenders' discourse strategy use during indeterminate sentence review board hearings Cheryl Comeau-Kirschner (Borough of Manhattan Community College)
Feb 11 Translanguaging, Performance, and the Art of Negotiation Heather Robinson (York College, CUNY)


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Dec 10 The Evolution of the Common Mandarin Standard from the Míng Dynasty into the 20th Century Richard Van Ness Simmons (Rutgers University)
Nov 12 Vagueness in youth speech. Functional analyses of spoken Danish Tanya Karoli Christensen (University of Copenhagen)
Oct 8 Categorisation and the Lingua Franca Speaker: data from service and gatekeeping encounters in English in Flanders Stef Slembrouck & Katrijn Maryns (Ghent University)
May 14 The changing face of New York City English Gregory Guy (New York University)
Apr 9 The Use of Corpus-based Methods in Forensic Linguistics: Recent Research and Applications Tammy Gales (Hofstra University)
Feb 13 The Problem with Big Service: Neoliberal ideologies in everyday institutional talk Maureen Matarese (Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY)


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Dec 12 Reading in College: From Fluent Decoders to Strategic Readers Gay Brookes (Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY)
Nov 14 What the Signs say: Gentrification, Gender, and the whitening of Brooklyn Shonna Trinch (John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
Oct 10 Teaching Second Language Learners: Addressing Areas of Controversy and Non-Uniformity Martin R. Gitterman (Lehman College and The Graduate Center, CUNY)
May 9 Caribbean Americans and African Americans negotiating Black Ethnic spaces through language Renée Blake (New York University)
Mar 14 Indo-European and Homer's 'delicate feasting of dogs, of all birds' (Iliad 1.5) Edwin D. Floyd (University of Pittsburgh)
Feb 7 Aramaic Documents from Ancient Bactria: Connections to the West- and the East - and the Future Peter T. Daniels (Independent Scholar)


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Nov 8 Automated writing evaluation: Grammar, usage, mechanics, and beyond Martin Chodorow (Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY)
Oct 11 The last ray of the empire: Creolized tongues and lusophonic ideologies of purity in a former Portuguese colony Aurora Donzelli (Sarah Lawrence College)
Apr 12 Explain me something: How we learn what not to say Adele Goldberg (Princeton University)
Mar 8 Qué revolú: The ¡Atrévete y Dilo! Campaign and Language Legitimation in Puerto Rico Elaine Shenk (Saint Joseph's University)
Feb 8 Looking holistically in a climate of partiality: Identities of students labeled 'Long-term English Language Learners' Tatyana Klein (City College, City University of New York)


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Dec 14 Using Linguistic Theory in Civil Cases, Counter-intelligence, and Criminal Investigations Robert A. Leonard (Hofstra University)
Nov 9 Negotiating Understanding in "Intercultural Moments" in Immigrant Family Interactions Galina Bolden (Rutgers University)
Oct 12 Using Students' Mother Tongues to Support Academic Success in a Second Language: Lesson from South Africa and Bronx Community College Andrea Parmegiani (Bronx Community College)
May 11 Detecting Deception in Civil and Criminal Narratives* Eileen Fitzpatrick (Montclair State University)
Mar 9 Learning to Generate Understandable Animations of American Sign Language Matt Huenerfauth (City University of New York)


Date Title Speaker (Affiliation)
Dec 8 Gender, Language Change and Identity Construction in Washington, DC, African American English Natalie Schilling (Georgetown University)
Nov 10 The Etymology and Early Use of Greek Sophos 'Wise' Galina Bolden (Rutgers University)
Oct 6 Bilinguals and Borders: Patrolling Languages and Identities on the US-Mexico Border Ana Celia Zentella (University of California San Diego)
May 12 Forensic Linguistic Analysis in Three 2007 Staged Suicide Attempts; Utilizing Authorial Attribution Analysis to Determine Who Wrote the "Suicide" Notes James R. Fitzgerald (Academy Group)
Mar 24 Global Education: Hope or Hype? Jochen Fried (Salzburg Global Seminar)
Feb 25 A Dozen Headaches for Dictionary Advocates in the 21st Century David K. Barnhart (Lexik House)

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